Pressure Kleen Services Company Inc

Pressure Kleen Services Company Inc

Pressure Kleen Services Company Inc

Address: 71 Kelfield Street,
Etobicoke, ON, M9W 5A3, Canada
Phone: (416) 235-1626
Fax: (416) 235-2983
For over 40 years our family owned business has specialized in cleaning, using hot water under pressure, to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We have been rewarded by a high percentage of repeat business and satisfied customer referrals.

Our active participation with trade associations ensures that the use of the most current cleaning technology is employed. All of our equipment is designed to perform at your location. Hot water pressure pump systems, water vacuum units and tools are maintained to ensure optimum on-site performance.

Our service team includes a skilled, dedicated sales and management group,scheduling coordinators and professionally trained service personnel.

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